End of year predictions

I love all of the end of year activities; not just the Christmas parties, but also the “books of the year” lists and previews of what to look out for next year. I get a great kick out of prediction and trends lists.

I always wonder the extent to which these predictions hold true and whether or not the trends actually emerge. A speaker at an MRS course years ago, told us that bills would soon be on lavender coloured paper, to help keep recipients calm (as opposed to pushing them into bill-shock). Over a decade later, I am still waiting.

An American list from 2012 suggested kale would be the next big thing. That was bang on.

A Waitrose report from early November suggested that cold-pressed watermelon juice, vegetable yoghurts, and Hawaiian poke (a raw fish salad, with lime soy and sesame) would be big sellers in the coming year.

My money is on Hawaiian poke. With sushi mainstream here at this stage, and ceviche all the rage in London, it seems a reasonable development.